Indies from my untried stash

Happy Saturday night everyone!

Tonight I bring you 3 different swatches from my “untried stash”. These are all indies I received for my birthday last month and I just had to bump them to the top of my list because they’re just gorgeous!

First up is Slow fade of love by Pahlish. This was on my wish list for what seemed to be forever and my sweet sister got this for me! Actually she got me quite a bit! Plus 4 custom made polishes, that will need a post of their own because they’re special.
Here is a picture of all my Birthday pretties:

I will definitely be swatching these all and posting pics for your viewing pleasure!

Onto the Pahlish…. I got to say… This is the very first indie company I fell in love with. I’ve fallen for others before. But when I say fallen I mean-I-need-all-of-their-polishes fallen! All. This was layered over a lilac that I just wasn’t feeling. It probably didn’t need layering since it’s very thick on its own. The glitters are small and very sparkly! I love it!


Next up is an Australian indie maker by the name of Gloss n’ Sparkle. I introduce Fruit Tingle . This beauty was a pleasure to swatch. No fuss, no mess, no problem! It was easy to gather the glitters onto the brush and the application was flawless! I must say I was very impressed! I paired it with Color Club Chelsea Girl just for fun.


Last but not least is Crows Toes Heartless. A dark pink glitter topper with small tiny black and pink dot looking glitters. I layered 2 coats over OPI Flashbulb Fuschia. First coat went on easy. But the second was a tad difficult. Maybe it didn’t need 2 and being the sparkly lover that I am I went ahead and did it anyways. I still loved it! It wore well for 2 whole days! Considering that I swatch on a daily basis! 😛


I hope you enjoyed tonight’s post! I will be posting more of those untrieds soon!

Which one of these did you like the most? And who are your favorite indie makers?

Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you!

sweet dreams



Inspired by one of my favorite bloggers

Hi all!

Tonight I have a manicured inspired by an awesome blogger!
Mine is a tad different but hers was definitely my inspiration. Now and then I will post manicures inspired by many of the gorgeous bloggers I follow.
For tonight’s mani I started with 2 coats of Avon’s Cosmic Starburst. A gorgeous dark pink holo. I then added one coat of seche vite. Then on my middle and ring fingers I added stripping tape going in all directions to create a star (kind of). I then covered the tape with A England’s Bridal Veil a gorgeous black holo.

I added diamonds from a nail art kit in the center of the star.

Well there you have it! A short but sweet post. I hope you enjoyed tonight’s post as much as I enjoyed doing it!

sweet dreams

Added natural light pics


NOTD and a swatch

Hello lovelies!

I ask that you forgive my lack of posts and my absence! I have been trying to come up with wittier better ways of writing this and I hit a wall. This being only my third, yes third, post I feel some what embarrassed that I have hit such “wall”. But none the less I am here tonight to actually talk about some polish!
Onto the pretties!!!!

The first swatch I have is from OPI. It’s swimsuit… Nailed it!

This can be described as a rich blue with a hint of silver or metallic. Not too flashy but truly a gorgeous blue. I bought this one from TJ Maxx. As much as I love this color and it’s application that being flawless, I do admit that removal was a pain. Even though I used the best base coat I own, OPI nail envy, it still stained. Oh well, onto the swap/sale board it shall go!
Next I have Zoya Skylar. Now this one, is one that I can say will be loved again. This description is from the Zoya website:

Skylar is a medium steel blue with a softened, dusty look and speckled by visible gold and silver shimmer flecks. A soft blue that’s bold without being too dark, bright or flashy.

I’d say a it’s flawless! Perfect for the fall!

I used 3 coats for this one. The application was good one for so many coats.
I grabbed this one the other day when they had their promo. And by the other day I mean a couple of months ago.
I’m really bad about swatching polishes I have. For example I will get one I really love and wait to swatch it because of some lame excuse. But I’m glad I got to swatch these for you as they’ve been on my NOTD list.

I really hope you enjoyed these as much as I have! I shall be back with more swatches in the next couple of days.
Like I said before I’ll be showing you polishes from my current collection and my NOTD as well.

If you’re still reading this far I appreciate it!

Sweet dreams and I will talk to you all soon!


My Monday

Happy start of the week everyone! Don’t you just hate Mondays? Any who onto tonight’s (my second post).

I wanted to talk a bit more about who I am.
Who I am, WHO I AM, who am I, who am I is a question for the ages. That’s one we are all searching for, to find out who I am, who’s in there, who wants to come out and say, hey, I’m hungry.”– Billy Crystal in Analyze This.
Me, I’m just a stay at home mommy. Like I said, married, with 4, yes 4 daughters. Yes, it’s chaotic at times. And at times crazy, funny, sad, crazy and awesome.
My days are spent chasing my 18 month old, reading, chores, napping (when possible) and swatching! Yes. A term I’ve become used to. Meaning, to try a polish to swatch the color on your nails.

About my obsession. The reason that has brought me to you all. Lets see, I own about 200 or so bottles. Some were gifts, some were gifts from me to me. Most are impulse purchases. Some are from swapping.
Ah yes. Swapping. The wonders of swapping. The anxious, exciting feeling you get when you track a package and it reads, “out for delivery”. Like a little kid on Christmas morning.
When it arrives, and you unwrap it carefully, layer by layer. And then you see her, you look at your pretty. You’re in awe! Who else can I tell about such awesome nail mail? Well of course, my daughters I say to myself. No. I forgot they weren’t interested at all last time I got awesome nail mail. Hmmm Facebook! The groups. So many groups. Maybe….

My excitement for the day!

How was your Monday?

Welcome and hello!


This is my first post! I am a beginner at blogging so please bare with me.

A little bit about me…

My name is Claudia. I am not disclosing my age (yet). Not because I don’t want too, but because it was just my birthday and its hard for me to accept this age!
I’m a mommy of four beautiful girls.
I love makeup, clothes and nail polish. Now I’m not your average nail polish enthusiast. I’ve always had a thing for polish. As any little girl, I dressed up in my moms clothes and shoes. But I’d also raided her make up stash and polish. (Still do!) I recently found an old Zoya in her stash. I will make a post about that in the future.

Not all of my posts will be polish related. Some of them might or will be funny, serious and even some personal. We shall see!

I won’t do makeup reviews, (I don’t think) just cause there are so many awesome bloggers already doing that.

My nail polish reviews will be based on what I currently own. I have a ton of untrieds so I will make it fun! I promise!
I hope you like my blog and give me a chance to entertain you a bit. I like a blogger who writes as I’d she’s sitting right there talking to you. So my goal is to do just that.

Welcome and thank you for taking the time and reading this. My very first post.

I welcome all suggestions and or questions! I’m sure I will have many myself.


Sweet dreams