My Monday

Happy start of the week everyone! Don’t you just hate Mondays? Any who onto tonight’s (my second post).

I wanted to talk a bit more about who I am.
Who I am, WHO I AM, who am I, who am I is a question for the ages. That’s one we are all searching for, to find out who I am, who’s in there, who wants to come out and say, hey, I’m hungry.”– Billy Crystal in Analyze This.
Me, I’m just a stay at home mommy. Like I said, married, with 4, yes 4 daughters. Yes, it’s chaotic at times. And at times crazy, funny, sad, crazy and awesome.
My days are spent chasing my 18 month old, reading, chores, napping (when possible) and swatching! Yes. A term I’ve become used to. Meaning, to try a polish to swatch the color on your nails.

About my obsession. The reason that has brought me to you all. Lets see, I own about 200 or so bottles. Some were gifts, some were gifts from me to me. Most are impulse purchases. Some are from swapping.
Ah yes. Swapping. The wonders of swapping. The anxious, exciting feeling you get when you track a package and it reads, “out for delivery”. Like a little kid on Christmas morning.
When it arrives, and you unwrap it carefully, layer by layer. And then you see her, you look at your pretty. You’re in awe! Who else can I tell about such awesome nail mail? Well of course, my daughters I say to myself. No. I forgot they weren’t interested at all last time I got awesome nail mail. Hmmm Facebook! The groups. So many groups. Maybe….

My excitement for the day!

How was your Monday?


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