NOTD and a swatch

Hello lovelies!

I ask that you forgive my lack of posts and my absence! I have been trying to come up with wittier better ways of writing this and I hit a wall. This being only my third, yes third, post I feel some what embarrassed that I have hit such “wall”. But none the less I am here tonight to actually talk about some polish!
Onto the pretties!!!!

The first swatch I have is from OPI. It’s swimsuit… Nailed it!

This can be described as a rich blue with a hint of silver or metallic. Not too flashy but truly a gorgeous blue. I bought this one from TJ Maxx. As much as I love this color and it’s application that being flawless, I do admit that removal was a pain. Even though I used the best base coat I own, OPI nail envy, it still stained. Oh well, onto the swap/sale board it shall go!
Next I have Zoya Skylar. Now this one, is one that I can say will be loved again. This description is from the Zoya website:

Skylar is a medium steel blue with a softened, dusty look and speckled by visible gold and silver shimmer flecks. A soft blue that’s bold without being too dark, bright or flashy.

I’d say a it’s flawless! Perfect for the fall!

I used 3 coats for this one. The application was good one for so many coats.
I grabbed this one the other day when they had their promo. And by the other day I mean a couple of months ago.
I’m really bad about swatching polishes I have. For example I will get one I really love and wait to swatch it because of some lame excuse. But I’m glad I got to swatch these for you as they’ve been on my NOTD list.

I really hope you enjoyed these as much as I have! I shall be back with more swatches in the next couple of days.
Like I said before I’ll be showing you polishes from my current collection and my NOTD as well.

If you’re still reading this far I appreciate it!

Sweet dreams and I will talk to you all soon!



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