15 days of swatches!

Hello!!!! Happy new year to all! Hope everyone had an awesome new year and is as relieved as I am that the holidays are over!

On to the pretties I swatched from January 1st until tonight! Some I wore for more than my usual 1-2 days because I was in love and or too lazy to paint my nails.

First off

Two manis I did at the end of the year!
Give it up for Armor falling down by Pahlish. I won this in a giveaway!


This was going to be my New Years mani but I changed my mind…

I used Opi funkey dunkey and Tokidoki Stellina

Next –

Colors by Llarowe
smooth criminal


Isn’t it just fab?!! I did a crazy tape mani for the New Year’s Eve party!


The next day I was feeling relieved the holidays were over, so I said let’s do a textured polish. This way I don’t have to worry about my mani for a couple of days. This is the lazy part I mentioned about above…
This beauty is Russian. Dance Legend Amethyst

It wore really well despite the reviews!

This next one was a gift from a fellow blogger friend of mine. It’s Cadillacquer days gone bye. She knows my love for black! This I wore for days too!


Mid week I received some wonderful nail mail and I just had to swatch my next favorite. Pahlish Harlequin Doll.


Darling Diva Rose diamond



Another Colors by llarowe Paper moon

Elevation Polish

Color Club
Gift of sparkle for this past weekend!

Finally, I received Colors by llarowe true colors. I just took this off tonight! I couldn’t stop staring these past couple of days….



And if you’re wondering, yes I love purple.

Tonight for the last mani of this post… Is Esmaltes de Kelly Ladybug. A jelly base red with black glitters. I turned into a French manicure!


So many beauties and the year has only just begun! I am excited for the next couple of days in nail mail! New collections new swatches!

Hope you enjoyed this!

See you next time!

sweet dreams



9 thoughts on “15 days of swatches!

  1. Yup, I’d say it’s quite evident that you love purple and black!! hehe 😉 You certainly have some incredible polishes my dear… I love the NYE mani as well, and DL Amethyst is said to be the most highly sought after purple texture so you are LUCKY! I know one girl in PAA that has posted a few times that it’s her biggest lemming EVER, so if you decide to get rid of it one day (for some crazy reason!), I’ll give you her name…I’m sure she’d love you forever. 🙂 Speaking of giving things away, I feel beyond horrible that I’ve not yet worn and shown on my blog (other than the initial post) the Nfu-Oh that you gave me. 😦 This challenge is kicking my butt!
    I love how that Cadillacquer looks on you btw, and I’m especially glad that the pink and gold glitters aren’t lost in the black jelly, as is the case with an indie black jelly containing neon glitters that I have. I was so psyched about it, and then when I put it on…blaaah. They were all hidden or slimed with the black goo & looked awful. Thankfully she was very nice about it and sent me a different polish for free! Love me some good customer service! 😉
    P.S. Paper Moon is blowing my mind; holy holo in yo FACE in that pic! lol And Ladybug is the cutest red jelly I’ve ever seen!! ♥ Fabulously perfect swatches, dear! I know just how hard it is to get those immaculate half-moons. 🙂

    • You are a doll Emily!!
      I’ve seen several posts of that same girl ISO of amethyst! I love it too much ATM to give it up ;)!
      ❤ girl you take your time with nfu oh! It's a polish that is for a special occasion! 🙂
      Your comments made me Smile!
      You know me so well! ❤ ❤

      • Ohh you’ve seen ’em too? …that poor thing! 😦 I know how much it sucks to want a polish so bad and absolutely not be able to find it. You should definitely hold onto it if you love it. 🙂 And who knows, one day it might be something you could sell on ebay & pay for at least one of your daughters to go to college! LOLOL
        You’re right about the Nfu-Oh being a special occasion polish… it’s pretty precious & rare, like a gemstone. 🙂 Although I’ve heard it said that every day is a special occasion, so there is that…
        Awww I’m glad I could make you smile! Hope you’re having a fabulous day, guapa!! ♥ ♥

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